REKREA is a project to work on creativity in a systematic way within the school.
Although it started as a transversal activity and in a “special” timetable, with time, and seeing its great success, it has become a subject with its own programme and evaluation.

To do this, we have designed our own material with the aim of converting this capacity that every human being has into an attitude towards life, which can be very useful when facing new challenges, new horizons or new concerns.


At Rekrea, we also develop other soft skills such as empathy, teamwork, decision making, critical thinking, etc.

REKREA is part of the Innovative Educational Communities project, which also includes the “Permeable Classrooms” where people from outside the school contribute their experience or creative knowledge, and “Open Urkide gure Artean”, where different and “special” activities are proposed for families, students and teachers together (creative cooking, musical escape room, etc.).

Creativity is intelligence having fun (Einstein), …and with Rekrea we achieve it.