What is it?
The Guidance Department is a specialised team that supports the work of the school and the teaching staff as a whole. Its actions are aimed at ensuring the comprehensive education of pupils, adapting teaching processes to the characteristics and needs of all pupils.

Who are we?
The Centre’s Guidance Department covers three areas of intervention:
Pre-school Education, Primary Education and Secondary-Baccalaureate-Training Cycle Education. Its objective is to accompany students in their learning process and personal development, constituting a point of support for teachers and families.


Psychopedagogical team:
1 psychopedagogist in pre-school education, 2 educational psychologists in primary education and 1 psychologist in secondary education, in charge of diagnosis, guidelines and pedagogical orientations for classroom programming.
Guidance to families.

3 therapeutic pedagogues
In charge of the three therapeutic pedagogy classrooms (2 in primary and 1 in secondary): individual adaptation of instrumental subjects (mathematics and language) for pupils with special educational needs.

Specialists in Educational Support:
They provide educational (non-teaching) support and assistance to pupils with special needs.

Team responsible for the classroom of Curricular Diversification
in Secondary Education

Equipment for the treatment of Gifted children.


The guidance department participates in the planning and development of the centre’s actions, in order to facilitate attention to students’ diversity.

We understand attention to diversity as the set of educational actions that try to prevent and respond to the temporary or permanent needs of all the pupils in the school.
These include those pupils who require specific action as a result of:

– Personal or social factors related to situations of socio-cultural or health disadvantage.
– Gifted children.
– Need for linguistic compensation.
Physical, mental or sensory disability.
 Personality, behavioural or developmental disorders.
 Attention difficulties.
 Maturational delays.
Communication and language difficulties.

What does it do?
The guidance department assumes functions related to:

Support for the teaching and learning process
Diagnosis of educational needs.
Specific intervention: Proposal and implementation of the necessary curricular adaptations in a personalised manner.
Guidance for teachers to establish personalised strategies in the classroom.

– Tutorial Action Plan (T.A.P.)
Collaborate with the tutors in the preparation of the different units that are dealt with in the tutoring hours.
– Support for the decision-making process in terms of academic and vocational guidance.

– Coexistence Plan.
Awareness-raising on coexistence.
Implementation of preventive and conflict resolution measures.
Training and monitoring of student coexistence teams.