To obtain the highest international qualification to which each person can aspire before leaving URKIDE.

English international certificates:
KEY, Preliminary, FCE, CAE and CPE

KEY (5th and 6th grades of Primary Education)
Monday and Wednesday from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm.

Preliminary, FCE1, FCE2, CAE1, CAE2 and CPE:
Monday and Wednesday,
Wednesday and Friday
or Tuesday and Thursday
15:00 h – 16:30 h
15:30 h – 17:00 h
16:00 h – 17:30 h

Class and schedules depend on demand and will be confirmed once the groups are formed.

Classes start in October and finish at the end of May or beginning of June.

How to enrol?
All interested persons, both old and new, must register by filling out the form sent by Inika.

KEY Classes (Kid’s Box):
2 payments of 150€ each.
In October and November. The first payment includes the textbooks for the course, which will be added to the price.

Preliminary, FCE, CAE & CPE classes:
2 instalments of 195 € each.

In October and November. With the first payment is added the payment of the course textbooks.
Registration will close at 20:00 on June 30. On the registration form there will be a tab to mark a 5% discount, if the registrant agrees to pay in full by June 30.

Once any of the payments have been made, no refunds will be given.


Every year there are several external exams to obtain the title and it is carried out in the same URKIDE center.

Taking into account that this extracurricular is NOT a REMEDIAL CLASS but a preparation for the Cambridge exams, in order to be admitted to the classes it is an indispensable condition to have a minimum level. At the same time, we consult and coordinate with the English departments of the school and with the teachers of the Cambridge extracurricular.


For students who have not taken the Cambridge extracurricular course during the 2023-2024 academic year, there will be a level test the week of June 17-21 (date and time to be confirmed) in order to determine the appropriate group for their level. In case of not having the minimum level required to be able to follow the classes in an adequate and satisfactory way, the family will be informed personally.


To obtain the highest international qualification to which each person can aspire before leaving URKIDE.

Passing the Key, Preliminary, FCE, CAE or CPE requires a fairly high level of self-discipline and sacrifice on the part of the students.All students will be given periodic homework to do. They also have answer material to work on outside of class, which will be checked by the teachers. This effort is recognized with the diploma in hand, which is not easy.The satisfaction of passing is largely due to the fact that it is a reflection of the student’s merits.

The classes are voluntary. We recommend by what dates a certain amount of individual study material should be completed. If these materials are not used, the individual potential is not used to the fullest.

The Key, Preliminary, FCE and CAE students at the school are quite young, and the contents require a maturity that corresponds in principle to an older age.We ask this maturity effort from the groups.

Also within the framework of the school’s principles we ask for respect towards the objectives of the courses and towards the others in the group.We would like to make it very clear that these are not English reinforcement courses; they involve a fairly strong pace. If anyone demonstrates a lack of effort, pace, or respect we will be forced to question their continuation in the group.

We send reports every trimester that indicate the days that someone has missed class, and generally any anomaly or necessary observation.

From the classes, and before registration for the summer, we do mock tests. Since the registration is about 3 months before the dates of the real tests, it is understood that the recommendations of the teachers for a possible pass are based on a calculation linked to the student’s knowledge (especially considering that there are vacations in between).The teachers’ recommendations do not imply any obligation to take any degree.Repeating a course will not be allowed and continuation will be evaluated in the last evaluation.Everyone is free to do as he/she sees fit.We guide, but we do not decide.

We want communication to be as fluid and pleasant as possible.Any suggestions, observations, questions or comments from parents or students can be sent to Pablo Ruiz, or to the teacher of the group.