URKIDE is one of the 400 Basque schools participating in the Ulibarri Language Standardisation Programme. The main objective of this programme is to promote the knowledge and use of Basque in the educational centres of the Basque Autonomous Community in the daily practice of the centres, in all areas and in the educational community as a whole.

What is standardisation?

The objective of the standardisation of any minority language is to extend its knowledge and use throughout its geographical scope and in all functions of society. This is a process of reorganisation through education, politics and culture. The standardisation of a minority language is carried out with four objectives in mind:

1.-To increase the use of Basque (in relations between families, pupils and teachers).

2.-To spread its use to various fields and functions.

3.- To promote the presence of the Basque language.

4.- To increase the number of Basque speakers.

For this it is important to take into account the whole educational community: pupils, parents, teachers… in order to reach agreements together, consolidate what has been worked on, and gradually achieve the objectives set.

For this reason, we must standardise Basque in schools and take into account all the agents in the educational community: pupils, teachers, families… seeking their consensus, establishing what has been worked on up to now and setting achievable objectives so that the school can progress step by step.