The Parents’ Association (AMPA) of URKIDE is each and every one of the families of Urkide School, from Urkids to Baccalaureate, as all the students benefit in one way or another from the activities that the AMPA subsidises for the school.

The AMPA Board is currently made up of 9 volunteer parents who work together with the school, representing all the families of Urkide School, with the aim of being active and present in the education of our sons and daughters and proposing aspects that help us to improve the quality of education.



We are guided by the functions set out in the Articles of Association.

1.-Once a year, at the Ordinary General Assembly, we open the doors to all the members so that they can get to know the budgets and all the activities we have worked on during the previous year and those we will work on during the current year. The minutes are sent through the Inika platform for the families who cannot attend the meeting and we include them on our website (you can click on the following link).

2.-Regular meetings: we meet monthly and whenever necessary depending on the needs we have on the agenda. We are at the disposal of all the families of the school to listen and try to help and solve any concerns regarding the school, its activities, etc., and to mediate with the school bodies when necessary.

These meetings are open to members on request.
In these meetings ideas and projects arise, which we also listen to and pass on to the school, for example:
– Proposal from some families about the co-educational playground, which is currently being materialised through different elements that have appeared (parkour) and will appear throughout this school year.
– Reflection group on new technologies in primary education.
– School supplies and books.

On other occasions, the interests of some families do not coincide with those of others and it is up to us to mediate and seek the common good. But we believe that the cooperation of the school, families and students is essential to continue maintaining this great “tribe” that is URKIDE.

3.-We keep in close contact with the school for all needs that arise on both sides.

4.-We organise and coordinate the extracurricular sporting and cultural activities through the Board; for this organisation we have an Extracurricular Activities Coordinator who is also part of the school, giving continuity to the school-AMPA project.

5.-Activities in which we take part through the financial cooperation of AMPA:
– Olentzero Gifts for Urkids, Pre-school and Primary.
– Educational aquatic activities in 2nd and 3rd grade of Primary Education.
– Library service from 15:00 h to 18:00 h.
– Study techniques from 4th grade of Primary Education, given by URKIDE Innovación.
– Typing through the KLUPPY platform in 5th grade of Primary Education (started this year).
– Platform of integral reading in ESO.
– Drama Room used by the Spanish Language Department for their classes.
– Orientation talks for Baccalaureate students.
– Diploma and gift to Baccalaureate Graduates.

6.-In the 2019-2020 academic year, the AMPA also launched the Parents’ School which is divided into three schools according to the stage (Urkids-Pre-school; Primary; ESO-Baccalaureate) in collaboration with the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council and IPACE (free activity, paid for by the Municipal Education Service of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council). There is one session per month per stage, from 15:15 to 16:45.

7.-Support to various Commissions-Groups within the AMPA itself:
– Naturkideak.
– Carnival Commission.
– URKIDEAK Leisure Group.

8.-We feel it is important to do our bit for society and we promote solidarity projects such as the Chocolatada, the proceeds of which go to research into childhood cancer.

9.-As we have pointed out, we fulfil the functions described in the Articles of Association and we feel it is important to highlight:
– Participation in representing families in the School Council, collaboration in its electoral processes and proposal of AMPA’s candidates. Information to the members of everything that happens in the School Council and in the school.
– Promotion and advertising of quality in the education provided.
– Collaboration with the teaching staff and students for the smooth running of the centre.
– We try to get families to cooperate in the development of the school’s activities.
– Promotion and encouragement of active participation of families in the life of the school.
– Assistance and help to families who require it in any matter concerning the education and the rights and duties of their children.
– Organisation of  complementary training activities for the benefit of families and pupils.
– Collaboration in different educational activities of the school.
Activities that consolidate the centre’s educational project .
– Information and advice to families of the AMPA’s own activities.
– Promotion of coexistence among the educational community.


It is made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer and Members. The functions of all of them are laid down in the Articles of Association.

The composition of the current Board of AMPA is as follows:

President: Felipe Luzuriaga.

Vice-president: Asier Álvarez de Arkaia.

Secretary: Ainara Jiménez.

Treasurer: Laura Fuente.

Cultural Activities:
Asier Álvarez de Arkaia.
Ixone Díaz.
Charo Ibáñez.
Raquel Martínez.
Sports Activities.
Asier Álvarez de Arkaia.
Laura Gutiérrez.
Elena Pinedo.

Coordinator of Extracurricular Activities:
Alex Salazar.


To support all these initiatives that we support and promote, we continue to maintain the annual fee of 39 € (this fee is per family, not per child) which, as always, will be charged in 3 instalments of 13 €.


For all these reasons ALL the families of the school belong to the AMPA and if you have any suggestion, offer, proposal or initiative you can send it to us at the following e-mail address

A big THANK YOU to all the members for your trust and for being part of the AMPA URKIDE.

We will continue working and giving our best.