The so-called Dual Baccalaureate allows students to obtain two accreditations at the same time:
the Spanish Baccalaureate and the American Baccalaureate, known as the High School Diploma.

Students who take the course combine their face-to-face studies at URKIDE with weekly online work
at a US centre
 through its educational platform. There is a coordinator at the school who serves as a liaison between the student and the American organisation.

It basically consists of taking, through a system of validations, a number
of subjects from the American system
 distributed over two, three or four years of programme.
This will depend on the Spanish academic year in which the student starts (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade of ESO).
In this way the student validates up to 75% of the 24 credits required to obtain the High School Diploma. As a guideline, the additional extracurricular effort to their regulated studies in our country is estimated at around 5 hours per week.

This programme is aimed at students in the 3rd and 4th grades of ESO, and exceptionally in the 1st grade of Baccalaureate, with a good capacity for work, personal organisation and a good level of English, who wish to broaden their academic possibilities.

Farewell to TOEFL. This qualification saves the exams to certify the language level.
American universities consider the Dual Baccalaureate to be sufficient.



The aim is to improve the command of English and knowledge of different subject areas.
The aim is to provide an additional competitive advantage to these learners by encouraging their development towards lifelong, 21st century education through the thoughtful use of interactive educational opportunities in a flexible, learner-centred e-learning environment.