URKIDE Method: Our management pills

At URKIDE we have created our own management methodology in order to simplify and make all management processes more attractive.
The most prominent are:

Our management system: WATER

It is based on simplicity and on the deployment and monitoring of the organisation’s objectives from all teams.
It is hosted on a drive in a shared folder system that makes it very easy to use for everyone and very adapted to our current way of working.
Each team has its own folder and a document with the organisation’s and its own objectives and another document to follow up on the weekly meetings.

Never get bored: creating the "URKIDE" brand

If our hallmarks are creativity, innovation and good mood, our external image must be creative, innovative and fun. We apply this philosophy in our presentations and when we receive visitors, we seek to surprise, leave an impression and entertain. To be remembered for the content as well as the shape. We believe that having a fun and different brand is very important.

Some of the comments we have received following our interventions, “The best presentation I have ever seen, unforgettable”, “fun, creative, with a message, elaborated with a lot of involvement”, reaffirm this belief.