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When the order regulating the admissions process for the 2023/24 academic year is published in the BOPV, you will be able to review it in this section. If you want last year’s decree, click here.

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admission criteria for academic year 2021/22 (Basque Government)

Of the total number of places offered in each Training Cycle 5% will be reserved for people with a disability equal to or greater than 33% on the date of application and another 5% for sportsmen and women who, on the date of application, have the status of high-level or high-performance sportsperson referred to in Royal Decree 971/2007 and Decree 203/2010.
The remaining places available to study a Higher-Level Training Cycle are broken down as follows:

1.- 60% for those with a baccalaureate degree.

2.- 20% of places for those with a technical qualification.

3.- 20% places for those who:
– Access through the entrance exam via the corresponding option.
– Access by the provisions of RD 1147/2011, see below.
– Access through the university entrance exam for students over 25 years of age.
– Access from another Higher Vocational Training Technical Degree.
– Access from a university degree.
– Other access routes (BUP degree,…).

4.- Classification and grading
Within Group A:
 55% of the places will be reserved for those who can prove that they have the baccalaureate degree prescribed in the degree they wish to study, and, if applicable, for those who have passed the subject mentioned in the degree.


 5% will be reserved for students who have studied abroad, with their degree pending recognition, on submission of the conditional enrolment form.

For places in group b, priority will be given to those who have affinity I between the Intermediate Level qualification they hold and the qualification they wish to study. For the remaining applicants, preference is given to those who accredit affinity II between the degrees accredited and the one they wish to study.


In order to apply for the places in group c, priority is given to those in section c.I, then to those in section c.II, and so on, and finally to those in section c.VI.

Within each priority group, applicants are ranked according to their grades on their academic transcript.

Qualifications or requirements established in RD 1147/2011 for the purposes of point cII.
– To have passed the second grade of any modality of the Experimental Baccalaureate.
– To have passed the university or pre-university orientation course.

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