One of the first Basque schools to adopt a trilingual educational model in Basque, English and Spanish (2003). Since then, the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)pedagogy (   ) has been applied in our classrooms.

This way of working is backed up by nineteen years of experience in which several graduating classes of students have been competently prepared for new academic or professional challenges, without worsening their results in the rest of the languages.


1.- To achieve appropriate language skills in the three languages to enable access to official language certificates.

2.- To reach a fluent and similar level of discourse in the three languages, without forgetting the specific weight that mother tongues have. To achieve the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

3.- To use languages as a learning vehicle of content.



Meaningful learning.

Playful use of language.

Communicative approach.
A language has to be used and it is through activities in that language that children understand the importance of mastering it and its possibilities.

Speak out without fear.
From the very beginning, teachers address children in the corresponding language. They answer in their mother tongue, of course, but they gradually expand their vocabulary and by the end of the first cycle of primary school, they are able to answer quite a lot of questions and have spontaneous conversations of a very good quality.

New technologies.
The use of new technologies in education is nowadays an obligatory task that requires us to be up to date and to innovate continuously in this field.

Encourage speaking up in class.
It is not good to correct frequently, especially in initial courses. If the correction is made, messages such as “it’s wrong…, it’s not like that…, say it right…” will never be mentioned

CLIL. Contents and Language Integrated Learning.
This methodology relates to the importance of teaching curricular subjects in languages other than the mother tongue. It favours intelligence, the capacity for linguistic transfer and it is increasingly proven that it also favours the learning of content. At the moment it is one of the cornerstones of our project.