URKIDE Innovation is an entity that arose from within Urkide to support it in everything related to pedagogical innovation.
It has two full-time staff and a network of companies, both in the educational and technological fields, which allows it to broaden its points of view and interconnect the school with other realities.

It was founded in 2007 with the aim of serving the society of which it forms part, offering all those good practices that arise from URKIDE and that may be of interest to other centres, through research, development and innovation projects in education at the service of teaching practice.



It has two lines of action in its corporate purpose.
We work for the school itself, carrying out the following functions:
1.- Support in all matters related to educational improvement and management.
2.- Teaching of specific content classes that complement the ordinary programmes (study techniques, comprehensive reading…), both in primary and secondary school.
3.- Support for students with difficulties: management of the centre’s educational reinforcements for primary school.
4.- Management of the HEDATZE programme, a study support programme for secondary school students.
5.- Support for recently arrived immigrant students.
6.- Support in the management of the teacher training plan.

Another line is at the external level, where work is carried out to:
1.- Design and manage training projects for other educational centres and companies in general at national level.
2.- Design and manage socio-educational programmes aimed at students from other educational centres and adults.
3.- Design and manage online courses piloted in URKIDE and aimed at teachers. All courses are approved by the Basque Government’s Education Department (more than 6,000 teachers have participated).

Our Pillars

Our day-to-day functioning is structured around three pillars:

1.- Ideas: Urkide School Innovation Team
Every week, a group of school staff meet to bring to the team new needs, opportunities found in conferences, specialist magazines, etc., and ideas that can contribute new and useful changes to the school’s offer, new methodologies, etc.

2.- Projects: Urkide Foundation
The ideas that are considered to be of interest are presented annually to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Once they have been analysed, their timing and initial cost have been reviewed, they are approved to begin their study and piloting at the Centre itself.

3.- Products: Urkide Innovation Centre
Once the effectiveness of the project has been proven, it becomes a Product “which is made available to the Educational Community”.


For URKIDE Innovation, current education must respond to three major challenges: to alleviate school failure, to attend to diversity and to use inclusion as an educational principle. In an unfavourable socio-economic context that makes this work significantly more difficult, URKIDE Innovation wants to optimise all its knowledge, experience and available resources to maximise their effects. To this end, after researching, testing and verifying its operation in the classroom, it has created the different online courses, as resources designed to help teachers in their teaching work.

If you want to take one of the courses, please follow this link.
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