TAK TIK ARQ is a company devoted to construction and architecture services, but if you let us be more informal, TAK TIK ARQ is Pablo and Bernardo. Madness and sanity. Game and strategy. Creativity and tactics. The freehand and the technical drawing. The eye and the level. The floral shirt and the striped shirt. We are passionate about good architecture. We are obsessed with good finishes.

And when we are asked… we don’t like to beat around the bush: WE DO COOL STUFF.

And what are those cool things?

1.-Architecture for CHILDREN:
educational spaces with genius and ingenuity. From the architectural project to the last construction detail. And, of course, we have worked for this school in the reform of the corridor of the pre-school education area, in the multi-purpose room “dramagela” and in the reform of the school canteen. All of this can be found at

2.-We do Architecture for HEALTH:
clinics, laboratories, pharmacies with grace.

3.-We solve BIG challenges:
we also dare to take on big projects, because for many years we have been involved in engineering projects with big budgets and construction challenges.

4.-We take care of the DETAILS:
refurbishment of homes, commercial premises, interior design details, made-to-measure furniture, exclusive finishes, fine materials.


All this you can gossip at